Chromium vs. CPU

Lately noticed my laptop fan laboring steadily when Chromium is open. Did some comparison, it seems that the start page (with Google on it) consumes about 4 threads each 35% CPU time…Pretty much the same as if watching a 720p YouTube video. Observed a very similar problem with Opera (again based on Chromium for what I know). Comparable CPU load, the offender is a ridiculous blinking blue icon that encourages you to try the new screenshot feature. When you try it, it stops blinking, then CPU load drops to 1-2%. Happy mobile browsing everyone Make sure to bring a charger with you :p Test machine: GPD Pocket 2 Core m3-8100y (I believe with ramped-up TDP) 8GB RAM Linux Kubuntu 19.10 Chrome and Opera stable releases ca. 21.01.2020

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